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I'll help you identify the real business goals, issues and pains behind your project and deliver a great solution which will help your business grow.

Below you'll find a some ideas of what I can build for you.

Custom E-Commerce Stores

You may ask why to build an e-commerce store from scratch if there are a lot of platforms already available on the market? Such as Magento, WordPress, Shopify, BigCommerce and so on.

The answer is - all these platforms work great if your business workflow is pretty simple. For example: you sell some shoes and you may have a warehouse or do the dropshipping, you may also have or not to have a real storefront. Anyway, there is nothing special in your business model: customer places an order, you receive a payment and fulfill the order.

But what if your business have more complex business model? For example: you want to sell a meal subscribtion boxes. This way you'll need to be able to receive reccuring payments, and not every platform supports this feature out of the box. As an example - in Shopify you'll need to use 3rd-party app (and pay for it monthly). And what about additional option you may want to offer to your customers? Let's say you want to give your customers an ability to choose a portion size, delivery time, choose special ingredients, add extra sause and so on. You got it. So, all these features are needed by your specific business model and likely all existing ecommerce platforms will not provide these features out of the box.

In this case you'll probably need to go with custom solution.

Integrations and connectors with 3rd-party services

Let's say you're selling your products on different platforms (eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, etc) and from multiple warehouses. You may want to keep everyting up-to-date and have some custom report to be emailed every week to your financial department.

In this case you'll need a custom application which connects to all these platforms and gather all required data and sends a report to you.

Custom ERP/Inventory management app

Such app may save you a lot of time, optimize your manufacturing/procurement processes and so on.

Need a consultation? Send me a message and I'll take a look of what I can do there.


Sales rep locator

Web Development
Max provided us with a simple, yet effective solution for a custom map/sales rep locator. He was clear in all his communication, provided quick responses, and completed the job without delay. I would certainly work with Max again on any future projects!
Alexandra Robbins, Xzito Marketing

Mass product upload app

Shopify App Development
Max created a custom app for us that will save us hundreds of hours per year. He has been a pleasure to work with and understands the needs. We will work with him again.
Alec Avedissian, Rareform

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