Max Kostinevich

Consulting & Web-Development


I have a wide breadth of experience in a variety of eCommerce specialties, and can help my clients with almost any tasks. I have years of experience in technical and software consulting and business process automation, which can help you streamline your business and maximize your profits.

SaaS & eCommerce Consulting

I consult in the fields of SaaS development, business process automation, UX audits, eCommerce platform selection, migration and replatforming.

I have over 10 years of experience in eCommerce consulting and development, and have worked with dozens of companies worldwide, including multinational companies on the Inc. 5000

I have worked on a multitude of different projects throughout my career, so here's a quick look at some of my favorites:

  • I developed a custom web app, integrating an existing eCommerce platform with a multiwarehousing environment, allowing for the optimization of logistics, and a decrease in overall expenses
  • I developed a custom eCommerce store, integrating multi-language and multi-currency features for a streamlined, internationally-focused design
  • I developed a custom Inventory Management and Analytics web app, using the Theory of Constraints (ToC) to enhance business performance, and optimize the balance of in-stock products
  • I developed a custom web application to manage Returns and Alterations requests, integrating it directly with DHL and FedEx APIs for streamlined returns management
  • I developed a custom API to connect a Shopify store directly to a 3rd-party fulfillment center

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